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Dr. Nowak Consulting in Frankfurt am Main
Dr. Nowak Consulting in Frankfurt am Main

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Dr. Nowak Consulting
– Consulting and management

Welcome, my name is Dr. Nicola Nowak. Thank you for your interest in my services as a freelancer in the field of healthcare and life sciences.

The focus of my work so far is on the field of the Rx pharmaceutical industry. The aspect of maintaining and improving people’s health has motivated me from my studies in human biology to my current job.

For me, the focus of a successful Rx strategy is targeted, stakeholder-focused communication. Clear, precise, and comprehensible: With relevant information and customised messages to make diseases and medications understandable – especially with patient-centered communication. State-of-the-art product management in healthcare and life sciences sector supports physicians in making informed decisions.

My personal focus is on vulnerable groups so that no one is left behind. I always remain curious and want to understand the mode of action of drugs, the background of their development and the disease. This knowledge, in addition to my many years of experience, is the basis for my actions and decisions – for the benefit of my customers.

I look forward to hearing from you and your project and to new challenges!


Dr. Nicola Nowak Consulting

Dr. Nowak Consulting

Dr. Nicola Nowak

Dr. Nicola Nowak Consulting und Management

Brief Curriculum Vitae

Born 1980

Diploma in Human Biology
Philipps-University of Marburg

Doctorate/PhD in Human Biology
Bayer Schering Pharma AG
and Freie Universität Berlin

Various roles as International Product Manager
sales and marketing manager,
Head of Marketing Region Central Europe
Biotest AG, Dreieich

Head of Medical Marketing
MYR GmbH (Start-up), Bad Homburg

Senior Product Manager
Gilead Sciences GmbH, Martinsried

My 15-year professional career …
is characterized by a wide range of challenges and areas of responsibility in the pharmaceutical Rx industry. Facing constant changes, I was always able to internalize the procedures, processes and structures in different types of companies – from young start-ups to global pharmaceutical companies.

My strengths as a freelancer
My core is customer- and patient-oriented ways of working. As a strong team player, I adapt flexible to existing structures and am a strong communicator, emphatic and appreciative in my dealings. My entrepreneurial, decisive thinking and acting are a great advantage. This as well as my creativity, combined with a preference for clear structures, are my personal strength when it comes to effectively solving complex tasks.

My focus
Global, international, and national cross-functional project work, medical-scientific communication and product management, rare diseases as well as patient- and lay-centered communication.


I would be happy to inform you personally about my offer and my professional experience. Looking forward to hearing from you! Also via LinkedIn.